PR40 is a new system which is a result of collaboration of three companies and covers demands of lift sliding constructions.  The target of this collaboration is the creation of lift sliding / sliding system for low budget waterproof constructions.


PR 40 uses waterproof rubbers in case of lift sliding constructions and brushes in case of simple sliding constructions.  The final consumer has the possibility with economic way to have in their house lift sliding or sliding constructions, successive sliding windows or inside wall or all of these with the same optical result.



Main Characteristics of PR40:

  • Lift sliding mechanism GOS of GIESSE for sash weight 200 or 80 kg with the use of the same profile
  • Low height of drivers 40mm
  • Sash width 40mm
  • Reliable mechanism with low cost
  • Plugs and damping stopper are designed from GIESSE R&D Dept. ensuring high performance of waterproof and operation of sliding construction.
  • Waterproof rubbers used in case of lift sliding constructions or brushes in case of simple sliding constructions. 
  • Multiple locking with striking plates which are flat with the drivers
  • Possibility of two leaves, three leaves, four leaves or six leaves lift sliding construction, as well as, successive sliding windows or simple sliding constructions.
  • Using the same aluminium profiles, constructor can make lift sliding or simple sliding constructions.  This means, in the same place can be placed sliding and lift sliding constructions with the same appearance but with different operation.



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